The Computer Repair Department was the logical progression to the Cartridge and Printer Service Departments.  As computers and computer networks become increasingly advanced and computer manufacturers become increasingly distant – Local technicians become valuable assets.

The technicians are cell phone dispatched to work at customer’s site.

Service is the key.  Computer problems (Network, Printer, E-mail, SPAM, AD-Ware . . .) can cripple the business day.  Quick response, quick resolution will always prevail over a 1-800 number.

We market our own branded computers; ‘STG Systems’.  We’ve chosen the internal components to match a customer’s needs.  And the customer can hold us accountable for the 3 years of warrantee.

Rates start at $85 per hour for quick onsite repair service including planned weekend appointments. An additional fee of $15 will be applied for unplanned emergency weekend service.

The work day is flexible; if a scheduled repair/upgrade can happen after your business hours, it will be easier to accomplish without the added network traffic.

Some Examples of Products and Services:

  • Quantified Cable/Fiber Testing
  • SPAM Filters / Anti-Virus Programs
  • Web Site Design / Hosting
  • Data Backup / Recovery
  • Remote / Local Computer Repairs
  • Security Cameras
  • Technical Consultation


Contact Us:

280 Tiffany Ave,
Jamestown, NY 14701

Erick Johnson
Technical Support
(716) 484-9105 X208

Douglas Lawson
Technical Support
(716) 484-9105 X207

Eric Sayers
Technical Support
(716) 484-9105 X205


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