Online Backup


How well is your data protected? If you had a flood or fire, how quickly could you be up and running? Is your backup current?

Backups can be accomplished with mirrored hard drives, tapes, or removable drives,
but if these backups remain on site you are only partially protected. To be fully protected, you should have your computer data stored at a remote location.

We are offering an Online Backup solution that uploads your data to a remote, secure server, during off-peak hours automatically or manually uploaded at your convenience.

STG Online Backup comes with an advanced high encryption, high retention, professional product offering, without compromising the foremost parameter – performance of backups.

A few of the key benefits of Online backup:


  • Incremental backups – only modified portions of the files are backed up after full initial backup.
  • Data compression during transfer to optimize bandwidth usage


  • Enhanced security with 128-bit SSL encryption on transfers
  • Optional 256-bit proprietary encryption on storage with a user-defined
    encryption key that is not stored anywhere on IBackup servers


  • Web interface for 24 x 7 access to backed up data
  • Scalable as your backup and storage needs grow; requires no upfront
    hardware or software setup.

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